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It is a common struggle of car dealers to find a good manager who will meet business goals and match growth expectations. In this article, I will discuss a couple of solutions that may help those dealers that struggle to find good managers.

First and foremost is growing your own managers. When I reflect back on my automotive career when I ran dealerships, my best asset was my ability to draw and groom excellent managers. For the most part, that success was the result of training and growing people professionally. That included being demanding and results oriented but treating them fairly. And most importantly, giving the Managers enough time off to rest and regroup as to avoid the burnout factor and discontent from being overworked. This solution is not a quick fix. It takes patience and support but can be highly rewarding.

The second best source for finding good managers is referrals from your employees. Employees who enjoy their workplace are normally willing to recommend their friends. They will also spread the word about how great it is to work for their employer and good candidates may come to you.

Another possible source is the use of help wanted ads. However, most applicants who show interest in employment ads are job hoppers, which can turn your efforts of finding someone into a waste of time when those applicants are included in the job candidate selection process.

Typically, the most talented managers are already employed and actively working in the car business. Such manpower will not make their name public and easily available since they would not want to risk the future of their current career endeavors. These professionals will only consider any changes within their careers if it comes from a reputable source that has earned their trust.

Finally, there is Autopeople. We are professionals with years of experience in the car business. We have established connections with outstanding managers who are either currently employed or in transition. We specialize in finding the right match for your management needs.

Most dealers would prefer to not pay a fee to find a good manager. However, a good manager recruited by Autopeople will normally become an asset that will contribute to increased productivity and meet business growth expectations.

Autopeople is rapidly becoming an industry leader in Management recruiting. We are not just recruiters, but partners in finding those diamonds in the rough for you.

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David Adragna

David Adragna

President & CEO Autopeople

David Adragna started his automotive career as the CFO of an 18 dealership automotive group. He later transitioned into General Management and Dealer Operator. He completely understands dealership operations and has developed an expertise in Automotive Recruiting. He uses his many years of hiring and managing automotive professionals to assist his dealer clients in finding the most qualified candidates available. As the owner of Autopeople, a National Automotive Recruiting Firm, he works with some of the most successful car dealers in North America.

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