October is Hiring Season

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One of the most interesting trends is that October has become hiring season. Why is this?

Well the basic theory is that vacations are over. Kids have gone back to school. And most people have settled into a sort of holiday mode, officially putting away summer and preparing for Halloween and beyond. Dealerships go through their own transition this time of year, trying to move older models in anticipation of the latest releases. October is a wonderful time to take inventory of your personnel to see where you need to prepare to make the most of year end sales.

Many job seekers know that October is a great time to make a change. Movement happens fast this time of year. They want to get hired and settled before the holiday season too. Are you ready to take advantage of this enthusiasm?

Unemployment hit another record low in September which means the pool of available talent is low too. A recruiter, like Autopeople, can be a great asset to your human resources department with filling management positions. Autopeople will put out calls and make inquiries to help you find talented managers around the country. Autopeople has nine years of full-time automotive management recruitment and three researchers who can do the in depth research your human resources department doesn't have time for.

As a recruiter, Autopeople will make a sales pitch to potential new hires that you probably don't make when trying to find new talent. Why does Autopeople do this? Because it's in our best interest to find the perfect fit for your dealership. We ask questions and get to know your philosophy in order to provide quality individuals that will help grow your business.

We know that finding talented management that will work in your dealership is time consuming and tedious. If you're ready to take advantage of hiring season, give Autopeople a call now. Visit our website at www.autopeople.com, call 1-800-659-9501 or email me at dadragna@autopeople.com to discuss how Autopeople can get to work for you.

David Adragna

David Adragna

President & CEO Autopeople

David Adragna started his automotive career as the CFO of an 18 dealership automotive group. He later transitioned into General Management and Dealer Operator. He completely understands dealership operations and has developed an expertise in Automotive Recruiting. He uses his many years of hiring and managing automotive professionals to assist his dealer clients in finding the most qualified candidates available. As the owner of Autopeople, a National Automotive Recruiting Firm, he works with some of the most successful car dealers in North America.

Email David: dadragna@autopeople.com

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