Are You Ready for a New Car Sales Downturn?

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J.D. Power is reporting that US automakers have seen their fourth month of decline in auto sales and that the trend will likely continue for the second half of 2017. Dealers are having to offer deep discounts to get consumers in the door. Does your dealership have the right people in place to overcome such trends?

Unhappy employees and poor moral can lead potential customers to travel great distances to get their vehicles. A good manager can make a dealership thrive, even when the outlook is not so rosy. Ask yourself, "Do you have that manager who has created a fun, functional, and financially stable dealership that creates new customers and keeps old customers coming back?" If you can't say a resounding "YES", then perhaps it's time to make a change. 

A recruiter, like Autopeople, can help you find that balance of personality, ingenuity, and business savvy to help your dealership be profitable, even when overall new car sales are down. We are experts at connecting employees who might be unhappy in their current employment with situations that might be more suitable to them and ultimately to you. 

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, organizations with low employee engagement scores have 18% lower productivity and 16% lower profitability. The article reiterates that a lack of loyalty can lead to a 50% employee turnover, which can ultimately cost a business a lot of money. And a poor work environment can also lead to increased absenteeism, accidents, and errors. 

On the other hand, highly engaged employees can lead to a 100% increase in overall job applicants. Happy employees share their enthusiasm with friends, family, and customers, thus further perpetuating a positive environment. And having a good manager at the helm is the key to facilitating and keeping those good vibes.

So, are you ready to make that change? Then hire a recruiter like Autopeople. We're not just recruiters, but advocates in creating your success. Visit our website at, call 800 659-9501 or email me to get started.

David Adragna

David Adragna

President & CEO Autopeople

David Adragna started his automotive career as the CFO of an 18 dealership automotive group. He later transitioned into General Management and Dealer Operator. He completely understands dealership operations and has developed an expertise in Automotive Recruiting. He uses his many years of hiring and managing automotive professionals to assist his dealer clients in finding the most qualified candidates available. As the owner of Autopeople, a National Automotive Recruiting Firm, he works with some of the most successful car dealers in North America.

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