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From time to time I like to introduce qualified vendors via our Monthly Newsletter. I have personally known Eric Romingquet for over 25 years. He is a very knowledgeable car guy and has expanded his business model into the reputation management arena. Enjoy his article. David Adragna, Autopeople

From Eric:

Are testimonial pages still delivering value or should you turn yours into a powerful money making marketing tool?

There was a time when having a testimonials page was important for potential customers to get a feel for how you treated your customers and it also provided SEO value. However the reality in today's world is that people know should you get a scathing 1 star review, you wouldn't post it at the top of your testimonials page.

Are testimonials trustworthy?

Customers aren't dumb, they know that all of your testimonials posted on your page will only be positive ones and therefore they are biased and that can be hard to base their purchase on. All customers want are unbiased, real and personal reviews. Testimonials can't be trusted all the time, whereas reviews are unbiased and that means you can easily see 1-star reviews from real customers.

People want to see both good and bad stuff about your dealership and products to see if they can part with their money for your products or service.

You don't want to have a testimonials page that's skipped because it seems unimportant and fake, you want something that helps inform your customers, so you should totally focus more on getting reviews rather than adding in testimonials on a bland page that no one reads.

More on how we completely change your testimonials page to a money making marketing tool later!

Why should you opt for reviews?

I know a lot of you have reviews placed directly on your site, which may or may not be a good thing because survey results show that customers much prefer to read your reviews directly from the review sites themselves. Those will always be the most trustworthy out of the entire bunch because they know you can't manipulate your reviews on sites like Google or Yelp.

Bottom line you need to increase the amount of your reviews because:
* They increase customer trust
* They show the good and bad side of your business
* You can better connect with customers
* They show what real customers think about your business
* Reviews boost your SEO ratings
* They allow you to generate more leads and sales naturally


Sites like Yelp, Google or any other dedicated review websites can really help you provide an unbiased image of your business. Reviews you can find here are very hard to fabricate, and they clearly shows that you have a reputable business that prides itself with its results and what its customers have to say about them.


Turn your testimonials page into a money making marketing tool, with our exclusive Reputation Overview Report System. Here's how it works. Imagine giving your customers exactly what they want which is access to all of your reviews directly from your website. No more having to go to say Google directly or Yelp or even dealer rater. They will not only have access from your site but each link will open in a separate tab, keeping your website up so they can refer back to you!

Let's say you have 50 reviews on Yelp, 10 on Google and 40 on dealerrater. We will generate a reputation overview report showing your overall score from all 100 reviews with each review site and number of reviews listed individually. This report replaces your testimonial page that no one is currently reading. Plus if you are like many dealers and Yelp is hiding many of your 5 star reviews, we provide immediate access to them as well!

Having a high 4 or 5 star score based on all of your reviews is a very strong marketing tool!

Plus we create a custom "PDF" report to use in both your email communications with customers you are still trying to close or to be handed out to those that leave your dealership. If you need help in getting more reviews we have a custom proven solution for this as well.

You have worked very hard to build up your online reputation now it's time to let us leverage it for you!

To see a live demo and for our special AutoPeople pricing please visit:

Do not hesitate! Let us turn your testimonials page into a money making marketing tool! The number of reviews on Google & Yelp matter a lot in 2016 & will surely increase in the future!

Contact Autopeople, David Adragna at or 800-659-9501, for all of your recruiting needs, and see the immediate results.

David Adragna

David Adragna

President & CEO Autopeople

David Adragna started his automotive career as the CFO of an 18 dealership automotive group. He later transitioned into General Management and Dealer Operator. He completely understands dealership operations and has developed an expertise in Automotive Recruiting. He uses his many years of hiring and managing automotive professionals to assist his dealer clients in finding the most qualified candidates available. As the owner of Autopeople, a National Automotive Recruiting Firm, he works with some of the most successful car dealers in North America.

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