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Have you ever wondered when the best time is to hire a new manager or find a COO? Your answer might just be during the summer. Let me explain some reasons why now is a great time to find new talent.

Say you've exhausted the possibilities in the nearby area. You either know many of the candidates or there just isn't anyone available that would fit into your dealership. Right now the new models are starting to roll in and you need to start moving last year's models off the lot. It's a great time to bring in a fresh face with new energy to help end the year on a high note.

So how do you find qualified candidates willing to move to a new area? A recruiter like Autopeople can do the work for you. Many times, candidates would be more likely to make a transition during the summer months if they have children. The kids can start fresh on a new school year without much disruption. And there is a possibility of a prospective hire being able to take a vacation to an area to see if it might be a good fit.

Generally, the summer can have good weather and activities to entice a perspective hire to pack up and move to a new state or across the country. It might be easier to sell your city during the summer than the harsh winter months. Does your area have great hiking, fishing, water parks, boating, outdoor festivals or other attractions that a recruiter can sell to a perspective manager? Sometimes factors like good water sports or places to relax can help sway a candidate to make a move.

The summer offers dealerships a unique opportunity to change up how things have previously been done. New models can bring new excitement and possibly new customers. So, if you're looking for someone who can invigorate your staff and bring your dealership these potential new customers, try using Autopeople to recruit outside your area. Visit their website www.autopeople.com or call 1-800-659-9501 or email them at info@autopeople.com to get started.

Megan Hanson

Megan Hanson

Content Author - Autopeople

Megan is Autopeople's author and content writer. She is well versed in automotive industry and has published several articles regarding Automotive recruiting, HR practices, dealership staffing and related issues, etc.

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