Headhunters in the Automotive Industry

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I don't know about you, but every time I hear about "the headhunter," visions of shrunken heads on display at tribal villages, as a trophy, pop into my head. Headhunter has never had a favorable connotation. But did you ever wonder how headhunter came to mean finding individuals for specific job requirements?

There've been many theories floated for years. One of my favorites I've come across was in an article in Experteer.com about "Tracing Back Recruitment History: The First Headhunter Was a Soldier." According to their story, after World War II, many soldiers had very specialized skills. So, soldiers would recommend each other for jobs according to their skill set to people they knew in other industries. This word of mouth approach and personal knowledge make perfect sense as to how we perceive headhunting today.

Headhunting is a personal business of getting to know individual job seekers as well as the dealerships who are actively looking for qualified managers and top-tier personnel. An automotive headhunter, like Autopeople, is interested in matching the skill set with the optimal opportunity so that both parties can thrive.

These days, the term headhunter is often interchangeable with a recruiter. A headhunter actively looks for the right people to fill the best available positions. A headhunter can be a great asset to a dealership who hasn't found the candidate they're seeking. Or a headhunter can be cost-effective for a small dealership that doesn't have the time or internal resources to spend on finding the optimal fit for a management position.

Autopeople's goal is to find top-level executives and managers to become an integral part of a dealership. Let us help you by using our database of candidates throughout the country to find the best personnel. Visit our website at www.autopeople.com, call 1-800- 659-9501 or email us at info@autopeople.com to get started.

For more information about Autopeople, please go to www.autopeople.com or email us at info@autopeople.com or call 1-800-659-9501.

David Adragna

David Adragna

President & CEO Autopeople

David Adragna started his automotive career as the CFO of an 18 dealership automotive group. He later transitioned into General Management and Dealer Operator. He completely understands dealership operations and has developed an expertise in Automotive Recruiting. He uses his many years of hiring and managing automotive professionals to assist his dealer clients in finding the most qualified candidates available. As the owner of Autopeople, a National Automotive Recruiting Firm, he works with some of the most successful car dealers in North America.

Email David: dadragna@autopeople.com

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