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AutoPeople is your goto Automotive Recruiting company in Europe and South America for executive searches and hiring for your dealerships. We find the best management for automobile dealerships in Europe and South America.

Our clients include some of the most prestigious organizations. We are fully equipped with highly-trained researchers, a huge database of dealership professionals. No matter where your dealership is, we can procure the best management for you.

It's very important for you to realize that the good people are out there. They're very busy working. They're making money...for their employers and for themselves. They're certainly not reading the classifieds section. They certainly will not respond to advertisements. We know who they are, and we know where to find them.

”I will NEVER present a candidate unless I would hire him or her in my own dealership!”

The car business is tough. One of the qualities we look for in our people is friendliness. We like people who enjoy people and have a friendly optimistic air about them. We think it's good for the atmosphere of a dealership and we know it's great for your CSI.

Our candidates have to meet two standards: They have to meet our rigorous specifications for competency in their area of expertise and they have to meet our client's criteria. Only then do we rate them highly enough to be presented to our clients.

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