In-House vs. External Automotive Recruiter David Adragna
by David Adragna

Many dealerships struggle with the question should I use my internal human resources person to find talent or should I reach out to an automotive recruiter? For most dealerships, hiring local talent to fill service advisors, service technicians, office staff, and sales consultants is relatively easy and quick. But key management positions can take time and valuable resources away from busy HR staff. This is where a recruiter can be of great assistance.

Does your HR staff have the time to reach out beyond their normal channels of job advertising to find the right fit for a new CFO or General Manager? Can you afford to have HR searching for key management positions when they have many other staff to hire and the daily needs of the entire dealership to oversee. If the answer is probably not, an external recruiter, like Autopeople, can take the pressure off.

At Autopeople, we leverage our years of automotive experience around the country to help fill these critical positions. We can alleviate the need to take time away from your staff to narrow down candidates and we can probably dig up a few that you probably had no idea existed. Our goal is to help fill those positions with the most suitable candidates.

We have the time and experience to find those all-important managers to help you increase sales and create a united working environment. So visit our website at, call 800 659-9501 or email me to get started.

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