November 2016 Newsletter

David AdragnaDo You Have Excellent Managers at Every Position in Your Dealership?

I will never forget what the first dealer that I worked for many years ago told me. In his funny and direct way, he would always remind me that "This is a people business. That if you don't have great people working for you, then you cannot be successful." I suppose he knew what he was talking about as he grew his company to 18 dealerships in 4 states. Quite an achievement during the 80's!

Yes, this has not changed. I kept that advice in my memory over my career as a General Manager. Have you said to yourself there is something about that Manager that isn't right? You let the thought pass and then a month later when the expected results are not there, you think the same thing again! We then go on with our daily routines and several months later and after extensive coaching and advice, nothing changes. You finally make the change. Guess it's better late than never. We have all been there.

Wouldn't it be better to take the time to find an excellent manager from the start? To not rush or settle because you need someone? I remember going through this several times in my career. Then one day I said enough! I let the manager go and sat in his chair for 6 weeks until I found the right person. After interviewing 6 candidates, I found the right person.

This is where Autopeople comes in. We do nothing but recruit excellent managers for single point car dealers, local auto groups and national groups. We do it every day all over the USA. Why not take advantage of years of experience in finding the right managers for the specific needs of your dealership? Anyone can write an ad in AutoNews. Not many can find talent!

It is what we do every day. Visit our website, call 1-800-659-9501 or email us at

We are here to help you find those great managers and as my first employer said, "It's a people business".

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