Human Resources versus Headhunter

David Adragna

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I do not need to hire a headhunter because I've got a great human resources department." The human resources department at your dealership probably does a very good job filling positions for everything from sales staff to service personnel to receptionists to car washers and drivers. And they are usually very busy with lots of day to day responsibilities such as personnel issues, payroll, benefits, and training. But do they have the time to find those all-important management positions?

There's a difference both monetarily and in the time commitment required to find the right managers to fill open positions. This is where a headhunter can become an asset. A headhunter or executive recruiter, such as AutoPeople, can help tailor a job description to your dealership's needs. Their primary goal is to find the right candidate to fill your open position. They will often do marketing and advertising in places that you generally don't. Recruiters have the time to hone in on those top-tier managers that might be an excellent fit for your company.

What's stopping you from using a headhunter for your executive management search? If you feel that it might be cost prohibitive or simply unnecessary, take a look at the organizational hole, loss of manpower, and revenue loss that leaving a position unfilled may create. The sooner the right executive manager is hired, the faster your organization has order, the better for morale and your bottom line.

Autopeople is ready and willing to seek out those top-level executives that can help take your dealership where you want to go. To get your search started, visit our website at, call 1-800- 659-9501 or email us at

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