March 2017 Newsletter

David AdragnaSpring Cleaning

Spring is the best time of the year for business owners/managers to access the status of their operations and to prepare all strategic decisions that will define the success of their business for the upcoming year. It can be compared to the annual spring house cleaning.

We tidy up a house to make it better. We remove all old collected things we may have accumulated during the year to make room for new things and improvements. This thought process can be related to operating a car dealership as well.

As we all know, the car business has been on a great run for the last few years. But, success can also promote the collection of bad habits, under performing people and complacency. Such deficiencies can be improved by taking the time to look closely at the performance state of your Dealership or Dealerships.

Now is time to do some business spring clean up. Were the first two months of the year on target? Do you have the people in place to handle the upcoming summertime traffic?

If you answered yes, then great! If you are saying that we need to get going, then I have a thought for you.

In my career's early years, I was constantly told that the car business is a "people business". To me, it takes a lot of great people to deliver our goods and services to consumers efficiently. The car business needs "the best people in our business to serve the ever changing demands of the new consumer".

This is where Autopeople becomes your partner. We have years of Retail Automotive experience that makes us the best at finding the right person to help your business reach its goals in the world of retail automotive.

Save yourself a bunch of time and grief and let the professionals at Autopeople find you that "diamond in rough" manager. It is what we do and we do it every day for car dealers all over this great nation.

So elevate your spring now to ensure you'll have a successful summer!!

Call David Adragna at Autopeople, 1-800-659-9501, to get started.

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