Automotive Hiring in the Digital Age

David Adragna

As the new year begins, there's quite a bit of optimism in the economy. The stock market has been in record territory. Consumer confidence is high. Unemployment rates low. How do these indicators affect hiring for your dealership?

It could mean that fewer candidates are available to fill your dealership openings. But is could also be a positive in that candidates may be seeking better opportunities elsewhere. In this digital age, it might seem silly to use a recruiter to find new managers and top tier executives. But really, it's quite the contrary. Job seekers have it easier than ever with websites such as Linkedin and various job boards to post their resumes. But a recruiter can also use these tools to seek out talent and find candidates who might not have seen your job advertised or perhaps didn't even realize that they might be a good fit.

Autopeople can offer the personalized automotive hiring services not only to find those amazing candidates, but to work with those candidates to help them realize the potential upside to giving your dealership a closer look. Technology took out the people part of the equation. But in a people business such as the automotive industry, personality and demeanor can be a huge asset that just can't be seen in a digital resume.

Why not give Autopeople the opportunity to seek out those diamonds in the rough? Our goal is to find the best people to fill your open positions. We turn over every rock and look through our database of candidates to match managers and top-level executives to the dealerships where they'd thrive. So, make the resolution to visit our website at, call 1-800- 659-9501 or email us at to get 2018 started off right.

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