Are You Chasing Off Great Candidates?

David Adragna
by David Adragna

Have you ever wondered why you aren't getting the right candidates to answer your job ads? Perhaps, it's not necessarily that your dealership isn't a good fit, but maybe your ad or hiring process made the perfect candidate think twice before responding.

Most dealerships don't have the time or personnel to write ads that work, weed though resumes, or conduct interviews. And if you really want to find excellent management candidates, those require extra time and a personal touch. This is where a recruiter, like Autopeople, can be a great asset. We take the time to match the right candidate to your open management position.

Every potential job seeker should be treated like your customers. You certainly wouldn't make it difficult for your customers to buy a new vehicle or have their vehicle serviced. So why wouldn't you extend that same courtesy to your job applicants? The process should be clear, concise, and relatively painless.

The image you put out there during your search for applicants says a lot about how your operation is run overall. If it's a painful process, takes too much time, and is disorganized, potential applicants may run for the hills and not even give you a chance. Hiring a recruiter will signal to potential managers that you are serious about finding the right candidate for their open position.

Job seekers in management positions have come to expect more respect and personal contact when applying for a position. Finding the best candidates takes time, effort, and patience. Let us at Autopeople help you attract good managers to your dealership. We're not just recruiters, we invest our time and energy to putting the right people in the best positions to succeed.

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