April 2017 Newsletter

David AdragnaEmployment Ads
by David Adragna

As a General Manager I knew how difficult it was to find an excellent manager. Like most, I ran employment ads hoping to increase my chances of finding that diamond in the rough.

Whether it is running an employment ad on a national basis or on your local online ad source, the chance of finding the right candidate is very low. Typically, those who respond to such publications are people who change jobs every other year. If you are facing desperate times and decide to call any of those applicants, you will hear excuses as to why they had to constantly go through a change of employer. 

As a decision maker, your time translates into money. Your talent should be invested in running a successful business. Let a reliable and experienced professional assist you to find the manager you need.

Your best bet for finding the perfect candidate is to engage with an automotive recruiter like Autopeople.

Why? We work with talented managers nationwide who have current experience in the automotive field and have serious interest in staying in it. They are managers with excellent job stability. Our candidates are those who would not respond to an employment ad. They are too busy working to think about doing so.

Finding talent is not easy. It takes experience and effort to find the perfect match for your business needs. Autopeople can help you find those diamonds in the rough.

Call us before running an employment ad. We will find the talent that will exceed your expectations.

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