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Anyone running a car dealership today knows that finding good employees is perhaps the most important and at the same time often the most difficult aspect of your responsibilities. Eric learned this during his years as a multi-franchised auto dealer in Cleveland, Ohio. Even though his dealership was one of the largest and most successful in Northeastern Ohio, finding good people was a constant problem, costing excessive money and time.

That's why he started a personnel service specializing exclusively in the unique needs of automobile dealers. Because of his years as a dealer he understood the nature and extent of the difficulty of finding good managers.

The company was formed in 1989. We work with dealerships of all sizes, from rural to metro. We have many loyal clients and an impeccable list of references. We were honored by being invited to join the J.D. Powers International Automotive Roundtable. How do we find our candidates? Strictly through referral. You will never see us advertise for candidates. By advertising you get the three "uns"; the unemployed, the unhappy, and the unstable.

In 2009, David Adragna purchased the company. David uses his many years of automotive experience to successfully continue what Eric started in 1989. David’s team of qualified industry experts and his vast connections contribute to Autopeople’s continued success.

Our newly created team of Industry Experts follow in Eric's and now David's tradition. With practical dealerships experience a common trait, we have the expertise and know how to recruit only the best candidates.

We look forward to helping you, just like we have your fellow dealers all around the country. Please call us on our toll-free telephone line 800 659 9501 or email us at

Whether you need a Sales Manager, Service Manager or a Controller, General Manager, CFO, or COO, Autopeople has the skill set and expertise to find all types of candidates needed for your dealership

While based in San Francisco, California, our searches are conducted effectively in all 50 states. Below are some of the regions where dealers have effectively used AutoPeople Recruiting Services.

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